Sunday, April 13, 2014

DIY: Ascot Tie

Hullo! Today i'll be sharing one of my favorite DIY projects that I made a while back. This was inspired by these ascots found on Etsy. I don't know about you, but I think that peter pan collars are getting a bit old and tired. So why not jump in to something new, like the ascot tie! I find that ascots are a really cute way to spice up a boring button up or is something that can brighten up any dull outfit. So here we go.

The materials I used are pictured down below, and I bet you never thought that this would be made out of an old skirt! 

Let's rip this skirt to pieces, yeah? I cut along one of the sides, and then cut along the border of the blue and white sections. You can use any type of fabric for this. Monotone or multicolored, it doesn't really matter!

Now I have two strips of two-tone fabric, and they were 9 inches in length

After that, I just pinned it together to form two strips that tapers towards the top and then pinned the hems together so it looks cleaner.

Because both a sewing machine AND impressive sewing skills are non-existent in my life, I used a glue gun to put it all together. Try not to apply too much glue, otherwise the pieces may get too bulky. (I would really recommend using a sewing machine for a cleaner look.)

I took a piece of garter and measured it halfway around my neck, around the place where it both ends hit my collarbones. This next step is an exception, because this doesn't need impressive sewing skills. I just sewed the garter onto the two pieces!

Now that i've finished putting the actual ascot tie together, I designed it with strips of lace and these jewel embellishments.

And that's all of it, really! To make it crisscross, I just used a safety pin and attached it under the collar of the shirt. 


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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DIY: Glittery Heart Shaped Sunnies

Hey! This is my first ever DIY blog post and i'm so excited to share it (YAY!) I hope you'll like it cause there's more to come haha

So a few months ago I bought a pair of these heart shaped sunnies because I was feeling inspired by the book Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, though I only read about half of it before I had to put it down because it got too sexual and weird for my taste. However, I did get far enough in the book to find that Lolita was such a glam little nymphet and I loved her style especially the sunnies she wore 

Back to the sunnies! When it (finally, finally) arrived on my doorstep, it wasn't as cute or as eye catching as I hoped it would be. Bummer. Then I decided to take matters into my own hands, and that is the story of how this post came to be.

note: this DIY would be best done while sucking on a lollipop and putting curlers in your hair for that extra Lolita feel.

These are the materials I used. I know it says clear nail polish, but I actually used glittery nail polish because that's what I had on hand, and you can use either of the two.

And then the next thing I did was tape off the lens of the sunnies, so that that area will be free from glitterification. 
Make sure the masking tape goes a bit far beyond the frames. Then I caaaaarefully cut along the dotted lines with an exacto knife.

After that, I peeled off the outer part.... and voila! It's now ready for the glitterification process. 

This next step was my favorite. In the container, I dumped about half a teaspoon (of course I didn't measure it)of nail polish and then a rather large amount of glitter onto it, and mixed it all up. And lastly, I painted two coats of it on the frames of the sunnies! Easy peasy. It came out really pretty, and I was very tempted to paint it on just about everything in my reach. 

Finally, I just left it to dry and then peeled the masking tape off. The glitter didn't come off, but feel free to top it with another coat of clear polish for extra gloss and protection. 

And that is all, folks! I thought the shades would look super cute with these socks

Stay tuned for more DIYs to come, and don't forget to follow me on my other social networks 

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hello! My name is Frances and welcome to the Craft Bambi! It's summer here in the Philippines and since I have a lot of free time, I decided to just blog and document the DIYs and fun artsy fartsy things I do. During my spare time, you can often find me doing stuff like tinkering around and creating weird things with whatever materials available lying around my place. I'll be uploading my first ever tutorial here soon enough, and I can't wait! 

'Til next time,